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Thread: Install - TZEMT400BB3

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    Install - TZEMT400BB3


    I have a running 4 wire thermostat, now I need to install another thermostat which is 5 wire, TZEMT400BB3. The Blue wire was not connected upstairs in the AC unit or thermostat, so I connected it to C terminal, same terminal where the wire goes to the outside compressor. Not the thermostat still doesn't power up, all wires are connected correctly.

    Can it be a faulty wire?

    I tested the thermostat on another unit, another location where I have all the 5 wires connected and it works.

    Thank you.

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    You need to verify the voltage between the R wire and C wire at the thermostat with a volt meter. You should have some where between 24vac to 28vac

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    Correct, I did that and was able to figure out that the wire was interrupted somewhere.

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